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by Meghan
(Manitoba, Canada)

Chloe our Chihauhua

Chloe our Chihauhua

It was May 2013 when I heard some terrifying news. I had gone in for a routine ultrasound before my gallbladder surgery and they had found a tumour on my liver. I was only 29 years old and had just been married 4 years. 2 years previous I had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and had just started seeing some relief from the right combination of medications. I felt like I had been given one blow after another. After nearly one month of tests to determine what this tumour was, I was utterly relieved to find it was not cancerous!

This last scare pushed me to start doing things that I wanted to start doing, despite what others thought. I had always loved dogs and begged my husband to let me start fostering for a rescue. He is not an animal lover and didn't like the idea, but finally agreed.

Chloe was our first foster. I picked her up from one of the rescue directors in June of that year. She was this white chihuahua who was thin and couldn't seem to walk a straight line. I was told that she was brought in to the pound completely emaciated; covered in urine and faeces. They were going to put her to sleep but one of the workers contacted the Rescue Shelter to see if they would take her in. Lucky for me, they did.

After many vetting appointments, they determined that all of Chloe's spinning was due to the neurological damage that occurred from an untreated liver disease. It
was also determined that she is partially blind, at least in her one eye and would have to be on medication and a special diet for the rest of her life.

After 4 months of advertising her for adoption and attending adoption events, no one was showing any interest in this little dog who was missing a small piece of her ear and little bits of fur here and there. And though she continued to fill out a little more and shied away from my touch less and less, no one seemed to take a second look.

In late October of that year, I looked down at Chloe who was nestled in my arms fast asleep, I had made a decision. I had decided that she was already home and it broke my heart at the thought of her ever leaving. I filled out the adoption papers the next day.

Chloe is my inspiration to get up every morning. She comes running now when she sees me and loves to be scratched. She still loves to sleep in my arms, and follows me wherever I go. She has even won over my husband!

I am grateful every day that Chloe came into my life. She shows me that every day is worth fighting for if you have those that love you. I know I will always have a happy face to look upon when I get home at the end of the day.

I know it sounds like a cliche, but I didn't rescue my dog - she rescued me.

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