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Chinese Crested Dog


Chinese Crested Dog



A favourite of the Han Dynasty in ancient China, the Chinese Crested Dog was used to guard treasures and even in some forms of hunting. This dog is one of those hairless breeds that have survived and is becoming increasingly popular all over the world.



This self-possessed breed is happy, intelligent and alert and keeps itself very clean. Whilst they can be real extroverts in familiar surroundings they can be apprehensive of strangers, rather aloof in manner and may react to provocation.



Height:   30cm (12in)

Weight:  4.5kg (10lb)

They are a small, active and graceful dog; medium to fine boned, with a smooth hairless body, with hair on their feet, head and tail only; or can be covered with a soft veil of hair. The skin of the hairless is very soft - like the finest suede - and the Powder Puff has a double coat - a soft undercoat with a long silky outer coat of slightly harder guard hairs.


Hairless Chinese Crested Dog

 Hairless Chinese Crested Dog



This dog’s skin should be treated like your own. Wipe the skin with a damp soft cloth, then use a good quality human moisturizer ensuring to avoid any Lanolin content as some adverse reactions have been reported. Aloe Vera Gel is recommended. Also as the Hairless can sun burn you need an SPF sun screen - but one of the baby varieties that contain no aluminium as they tend to lick.  These dog's eyes should be cleaned daily, and the hair kept tied away from their eyes also.  If it is cold they need to wear coats. The Powder Puff dog should be washed frequently enough to maintain a long clean coat.

Life Expectancy

10-12 Years


Health Concerns

The Chinese Crested Dog is quite a robust breed, with only a few genetic diseases such as alopecia, missing teeth which are part of the Hairless gene.



Chinese Crested Dogs have the attributes of sight hounds and they can be very quick. A securely fenced yard is very important as these dogs use their elongated feet to climb and can be quite versatile escape artists. Both varieties are ideally indoor dogs, and in cold weather the Hairless need protection with coats.

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