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Cane Corso


picture of Cane Corso

Photo courtesy of Sovrana Cane Corso Breeders



The Cane Corso's history is shrouded in mystery and differing opinions. Some believe they originated in Italy. It is generally agreed that they were used for property and personal protection and big game hunting throughout their history. Nearly extinct except for the efforts of enthusiasts in the 1980's they are now popular globally.



Considered to have an even, stable temperament, they are very intelligent and eager to learn and please. Training and socialization can't just stop when puppy kindergarten is done, socialization and training is more important from 6-18 months old when they are getting older and forming their own personality.  Do this, make the dog an active part of your family, and you'll have a great companion and protector!



Height:  60-68cm  (23-27in)

Weight:  40-50kg  (88-110lb)

The overall impression should be of power balanced with athleticism. Its ears naturally drop forward, the muzzle is as wide as it is long. They come in two basic coat colours: black and fawn with the back coat hairs tipped with black. Brindling of varying intensity is also common. White markings on the chest, toes and on the chin are seen as well.



Grooming is quite minimal and if given regular baths as required, nail clipping and the occasional brush to remove loose hair, you will be left with plenty of extra time to take part in family activities.


Life Expectancy

10-12 Years


Health Concerns

This breed is prone to hip dysplasia, gastric torsion, bloat and eye problems.



They are great with children when properly raised around them, socialized well, and trained properly.  They will bond to your children and be very sweet and gentle with them, but this is all with hard work and diligence. 




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 The number of puppies in a litter can vary enormously between breeds. The average litter for the Cane Corso is between four to six pups.


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