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Airdale Terrier






Dog breed - Bulldog

Photo courtesy of English Bulldog Nation



The Bulldog has descended from the ancient Asiatic Mastiff, with its development taking place in Great Britain. The name, which is medieval in origin, refers not only to the robust look of a little bull, which this aggressive dog has, but also to the power with which this dog attacked bulls in arena combat before that practice was prohibited by law in the nineteenth century.  The dog we see today has a very different temperament from those of his ancestors.



One of the gentlest dogs even though its appearance can be somewhat intimidating.  This very affectionate and dependable animal is gentle with children, but renowned for its courage and its excellent guarding abilities where it will see off any intruder, and few would risk a close encounter with a dog brave enough to bait a bull.  Very much a people¬ís dog, these dogs require lots of human attention for their happiness and love every bit it can get!!  Great with other family pets, some can get a bit scrappy with strange dogs if they do not see themselves as followers in their pack.  They are known to snore very loudly, drool and slobber and constantly be full of energy; however tend to slow down as they get older.



Height:  31-40cm  (12-16in)

Weight:  22-25kg  (49-55lb)

Group: Utility Dog

Even though small in stature, they are wide and compact, with a thick, massive head. The coat comes in red, fawn, brindle, pale yellow or washed-out red, or white, and can combine any of these colors. With its stocky legs set squarely at each corner of its compact, muscular body, the Bulldog's deliberate gait has become a waddle.



The smooth, fine, short-haired coat is easy to groom by combing and brushing with a firm bristle brush, and bathing as necessary. It is recommended to wipe the face with a damp cloth every day to clean inside the wrinkles. This breed is an average shedder.


Life Expectancy

Average 8 Years


Photo courtesy of


Health Concerns

They can experience breathing problems, poor eyesight, susceptibility to heat stroke in warm weather or hot rooms and cars and are sensitive to the cold.  These dogs are also susceptible to skin infections, hip and knee problems and as they have a very active digestive system this may be offensive to people with sensitive noses. A good diet of quality dog food is essential for a healthy happy dog.



Suitable for apartment life and as they also are very inactive indoors these dogs will do okay without a yard.  As they are an indoor dog the British Bulldog will do best in temperate climates as the breed can chill easily in cold weather and have trouble cooling off in very hot weather.  Even though some adult Bulldogs would rather not exercise at all, others are full of energy. They should be taken on daily walks. If fit these dogs are quite capable of moving very quickly for short periods of time.


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Utility Dog or Non Sporting group, includes dogs of many different shapes and sizes that perform a variety of tasks. They include the Boston Terrier, French Bulldog and Shar Pei to name a few.


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One of the most instantly recognizable breeds, the British Bulldog is the national dog of Britain





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