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Boston Terrier


Boston Terrier



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The Boston Terriers' origins are from the fighting Bulldogs and Bull Terriers of the 19th century and the type was once known as the American Bull Terrier. The name was changed to reflect the breed's city of origin, Boston and even though there are many theories as to just where this breed came from, all generally agree if it was to breed a fighting dog it did not work. The original breed was much larger than today's breed but our present day dogs still carry the look of all those that have gone before. Despite their name, the Boston Terrier is not a true terrier as they were not bred to hunt animals in burrows and do not compete in the terrier classes in purebred shows.



Despite their name this breed doesn't act like a terrier, and not being a true terrier it prefers to sit in an armchair to digging in the backyard.   Because of their affectionate nature, they are highly suitable to the elderly who are looking for a compact, easy-care breed eager to spend time together while still lively enough to make a good playmate for children. They are said to make great watchdogs who can sound quite aggressive until the visitor is invited in and may compete with other pets for attention.  Very much attached to their family, they do not do well as a kennel dog and truly believe your bed is to share and are at their happiest laying beside you on the couch. 



Height:   38-43cm  (15-17in)

Weight:    4-11kg   (10-25lb)

Group: Utility Dog

The compact, alert and clean cut Boston Terrier has upright ears, short nose and round dark eyes with a gentle expression. Coat colour is light brindle/white right through to almost black/white with ideal markings of white on muzzle, blaze, chest, front legs to elbows, back feet no higher than hock and even white collar.  Their tail is naturally short, can have a drop tail, screw tail or one which is horizontal with its back.



Being one of the few breeds without a body odour, these dogs will only require a weekly brush to remove loose hair and a bath every month or so.


Life Expectancy

12-13 Years


Health Concerns

Cataracts at a young age and luxating patellas (slipping kneecaps) are known but are typically mild, however in severe cases may need surgery to avoid arthritis later in life. If snoring becomes troublesome, these dogs may require surgery.



The Boston Terrier is the ideal size to be a housedog, preferring to live inside more or less permanently and though quite lively they are small enough not to be a problem.   Primarily used nowadays as a companion dog, they may bark at strangers and are said to make good watch dogs.   Requiring little formal exercise most will enjoy a regular run in the backyard and basic dog training may be necessary and could take some patience.  Being small and adaptable enough to suit families and especially older people, who say they love to just sit and cuddle these dogs while watching television.

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The Boston Terrier is one of the most popular breeds in America.


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