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Bobby my Best Friend - Funny Dog Story

by Monika

Black and White Cocker Spaniel

Black and White Cocker Spaniel

When I was just a small child I had a beautiful black and white Cocker Spaniel named ‘Bobby’ as my beloved pet. Now Bobby and I were inseparable and we got up to all sorts of mischief together. Whenever I was naughty and had done something wrong, I used to go and crawl inside Bobby’s kennel to hide from my mum and he would come and sit in there with me. The funny part was that when my mum finally worked out where I was, she would come and try to get me to come out, but Bobby used to stand guard and wouldn’t let her come near me. In the end she would give up and just go back inside and wait for me to get tired of sitting in there. By that time she had forgotten what I had done wrong and I was able to continue playing with Bobby in the back yard.

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