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Beagle x Pug




Phonetic Pronunciation: ‘Bits of this and bits of that’


Mixed Breed - Nelson

Photo courtesy of Annette, proud owner of this mixed breed, Nelson who is 18 months old and weighs 60kgs!



Commonly known as the bitzer, originating from who knows where and more than likely starting over thousands of years ago, breeds of dogs have been mixed up (initiated by the dogs most of the time) to create a great and varied type of dog (mixed breed).  Even though not officially recognized as a breed in their own right and will more than likely never be seen in the show ring, these dogs have imprinted their own personal mark all over the world.  Many of these dogs have even starred in movies.  Best known as the ever loyal man’s best friend, these dogs have truly enriched many people’s lives and brought much joy and happiness to many households.



Naturally because of their mixture they can be of varied temperaments, however as with any breed of dog, if correctly obedience trained, provided with exercise required to suit its size and given lots of love and attention, these dogs will make a great member of the family and household.



Height:    Any size ranging from very small to very large

Weight:   Any weight ranging from very light to very heavy

When you get a Bitzer puppy they really are like a mystery ball of fur.  The exciting part is watching them grow and seeing them develop into adult dogs.  Then the next fun part is trying to figure out, just what bits of which breed they are made up of.  I must admit some of these dogs do look quite different, but hey, that’s what gives them their distinctive character and charm.



The grooming will have to be left up to your discretion, naturally the longer the hair, the more you brush and comb them or have them clipped.  But just the same as the other breeds, they still require good dental care and hygiene, regular baths and nail clipping as required.


Life Expectancy

Life is a mystery for dogs just as it is for us, but with good care, these dogs can live a long and happy life.


Health Concerns

As with all breeds, Bitzer’s will have some form of health problems and because they are an unknown entity, it will be up to you as their beloved owner to be aware of any problems and have them treated accordingly.  As long as you ensure, they have a good diet and lots of regular exercise so they don’t get overweight that will go a long way to assist these dogs to a long and healthy life.



The Bitzer is really suitable for anyone who loves dogs.  I suppose it is a personal decision at the time. You see these cute puppies and there is this one particular one that just catches your eye and you feel that instant bond.  These dogs make great pets and fit into most households with proper obedience training and education.  Because there is no definite size to these dogs, it will be up to you to ensure they get the correct amount of exercise and yard space necessary to keep them happy and occupied.  Most of all make them part of your family, involving them in daily activities.

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It is fun teaching puppies new skills.  Even in later life many dogs still retain the urge to play.  It is important to play with your dog in order to stimulate them and prevent boredom.



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