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Knowing the right nutrients to feed our dogs and the correct amounts is very important if we want our dogs to remain strong and healthy. The best dog food for dogs should include:



These are the basic building blocks for organs, cells, tissues, hormones, antibodies and enzymes and are crucial for your dog's growth, reproduction and immune system efficiency.

Proteins can be found in a number of foods. For meat and other animal-based sources, look to foods such as fish, chicken, turkey, lamb, feef and eggs.

Foods that have over fifty percent of protein are great for adding to a well balanced, healthy diet for your dog.




Dogs need energy and much of this is gained from fats which can provide more than twice the energy of proteins or carbohydrates.

Fats are needed for the building of cells. They give the body insulation and helps protect internal organs.

The animal based foods mentioned above, already contain fats which your dog needs, however there is also another type of nutrient called fatty acids.

Some fatty acids are very essential and need to be included in a dog's diet. An insufficient supply of fatty acids can lead to increased skin problems.









The inclusion of vitamins in your dog's diet is crucial because the body cannot synthesize most of them.


And of course don¬ít forget to make sure there is always a large bowl of water readily accessible to your dog at all times. 


Head over to our dog food comparison for more helpful information about the best dog food for dogs.



well balanced dog food



If you would like to make your own well balanced dog food follow our easy free dog food recipes.  Some would say the best dog food for dogs is surely homemade. At least you know what your dog is eating.


If your dog is prone to allergies or has other symptons it may be due to their diet and worth checking your dog's health with an online vet or your local vet.





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