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by Sue

Benji my Best Friend

Benji my Best Friend

What can I say, my dog Benji who is a Maltese Terrier, is always there for me. He doesn’t do any amazing tricks, he isn't a superhero, but to me he is everything. I live alone and don’t have many friends. Everyday when I get home from work, he is always happily waiting for me to open the front door so he can greet me with his wagging tail and leaps of joy. He has never failed to greet me once and I also look forward to seeing him just as much. We do most things together, like play ball games, go for long walks and have the occasional outing in the car. My favourite thing however, is just snuggling up on the couch and watching TV. Every now and then I will lovingly look at him sleeping so contently. It’s funny he seems to sense when I am looking at him, as he slowly opens his eyes and starts wagging his tail as if to say, yes I love you too. You know sometimes I wonder why dogs can’t talk and if they did what they would say to us but then I think they don’t need to, they just show us how they feel. It’s just up to us to see that!

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