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Dog Breed - Beagle



Reverend Phillip Honeywood established a Beagle pack in the UK in the 1830's which is believed to have formed the basis of the modern day Beagle breed.  The Beagle are scent hounds, originally used for tracking rabbits, hare and other small game.  In recent times, they have been employed in other roles such as detection, assistance dogs and in pet therapy visiting the elderly and sick.



This breed is a popular pet known for its even temperament.  The breed is intelligent and adaptable.  A very loyal pet it does not like being left alone.  It is inherently non aggressive and does not make a good guard dog but will bark if startled or intimidated.



Height: 33-40cm (13-16in)

Weight: 10-11kg (22-25lb)

The breed is predominantly white, black and brown.



Their short coat requires little grooming.  All they really need is a brush two or three times a week to keep it clean and healthy.  As long as you keep their nails trimmed on a regular basis and give them a bath when required, little else is needed.


Life Expectancy

12-13 years



Known for its gentle and friendly nature, it is a popular family pet.  This breed does not need excessive exercise.   However regular exercise is recommended as the breed is prone to put on weight.

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The character of "Snoopy" featured in the Peanuts comic strip was a Beagle



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