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Dog Breeds - Alaskan Malamute

Other hounds include the Whippetwhippet





and English Foxhound,

English Foxhound

 to mention a few.







Basset Hound


Basset Hound



It has been claimed that the origins of the Basset Hound stems from a cross between the Bloodhound and the Beagle, while others say it was a mutation found in a litter of Stag hounds, whereas another theory is that the Basset is a descendant of the old St Hubert hounds. They were reportedly used by the British land gentry when hunting on foot because of their short legs and steady gait enabling them to keep pace whereas other hounds had to be followed on horseback.



They can be quite stubborn at times, but all in all are a gentle and loyal breed. Not a particularly playful breed, they have a low level of excitability and general activity. As the Basset Hound is neither active, excitable nor aggressive, they don't have a tendency to snap at children and are ideal for any easy going family.



Height:   28-38cm  (11-15in)

Weight:   20-29kg  (45-65lb)

Group: Hounds

This short legged breed is a deep voiced pack hound with a long, powerful body and is predominately characterized by its loose skin and low-set ears which hang in folds. Basset Hounds are tricoloured (white, black and brown), lemon (pale lemon and white), red and white, and blank red (solid red with a speck of white on the tail tip and feet) and on rare occasions white Bassets may be seen.



To maintain their short coat, regular brushing will be required to keep it in good condition.  The other part of this grooming routine should also include wiping the dog over to remove loose hair, clipping and filing nails, cleaning the eyes and ears and regular baths.  If you don't have the time to bath or groom your dog, your local  dog grooming parlour provides these services.


Life Expectancy

11-14 years. 


Health Concerns

The Basset Hound, does suffer from several inherent problems with the most common being shoulder and foreleg lameness. They can also suffer back strain and slipped discs, therefore climbing stairs and overeating should be avoided because these activities can put extra strain on the spine and they should always be picked up correctly with one hand under the chest and the other supporting the rear end to avoid strain on the spine and front legs.  As with most long eared dogs the Basset's ears can droop into food and if moist, will become infected, so they must be regularly checked and cleaned.  The Basset's loose-lidded eyes predispose the breed to entropion (inversion of the eyelids) and ectropion (excess drooping of the eyelids) and weepy eyes will need to be bathed with warm water to prevent excessive accumulation of dirt and dust. Always try to feed good quality dog food to extend the life and health of your dog.



The Basset Hound is stubborn by nature and proves difficult to train, so training from an early age is highly recommended to avoid future problems. These dogs make excellent family pets and companions. Due to their low level of aggression do not make good guard dogs.  Good luck when trying to house train these dogs as the Basset Hound presents quite a challenge and lots of patience will be required.  Even though the Basset is short in stature, they are not recommended for  inner city living as they require at least 30 minutes per day of exercise and a good sized and securely fenced yard as they have no road-sense at all.   This breed is particularly suited to families or an older couple who will take them on slow walks and give them lots of attention. 


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The name Basset  is actually derived from the French word bas, meaning low.


Hounds: these dogs hunt by sniffing the ground to pick up and then follow a scent, calling and barking all the while.  Dogs of this type include Elkhound, Rhodesian Ridgeback and Finnish Spitz to mention a few.



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