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Photo of Barbet


The Barbet is a French water dog and the breed's name “Barbet” comes from the French word barbe, which means beard. It has been said that the French Royals hunted with Barbets.



Their personality is described as companionable, joyful, goofy, obedient, and intelligent. They are quick to learn and need obedience training.



Height: 58 to 65 cms (20.5-25.5 inches)

Weight: 17 to 28 kg (35-60 pounds)

Group: Gundog 

The Barbet is a water dog, with a long, woolly and curly coat.  Usually black or brown in color with white markings but also comes in solid black, fawn, grey or white.



This medium sized water dog has a woolly and curly coat. Their coat grows long and must be groomed regularly.


Life Expectancy

13-15 years


Health Concerns

They are prone to hip dysplasia, cataracts, and skin allergies.



They are a great with children, families, and the elderly.  A great companion dog.  This breed's non-molting coat makes it a worthwhile consideration for allergy sufferers.

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Gundogs were all bred to assist in the hunting and retrieving of game. A few in this group include the English Setter, Vizsla and Curly Coated Retriever to mention a few







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