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Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd



Despite its name, the Australian Shepherd did not in fact originate in Australia. Incorrectly claimed to have been bred from working dogs brought to Australia by Basque shepherds who emigrated to Australia with their herds in the 19th century. They have been a popular breed in America with agility and obedience enthusiasts for years but the breed is really misnamed.



They have an excellent temperament. These loyal, loving and versatile dogs are willing to do anything for the people they love. They tend to bond with one person. They are used for police work, at rodeos and as guide dogs in the America.



Height:    51-58cm  (20-24in)

Weight:    20-32kg  (40-70lb)

Their coat is straight or wavy and of medium length and texture; the undercoat is waterproof. Colours are black, blue merle, red or red merle.  All these colours may have tan points.



Requiring regular care and grooming especially when their coat has its seasonal change. Ideally they should be groomed at least weekly. Bathing your dog should begin when you first bring your puppy home and as it matures, monthly bathing should be quite adequate depending of the dog’s environment and daily activities.


Life Expectancy

12-14 Years


Health Concerns

If not bred correctly they can be prone to health problems including hip dysplasia, deafness and blindness.



These dogs are well suited to active families, couples or singles  who have time to run and exercise with their pets. House training is a relatively simple task because of their intelligence as with obedience work.  Making good companions, if well socialized they will be easier to introduce to new people and situations.


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Working Dogs: This group  includes more breeds than any other. These dogs were bred to do a variety of work from guarding, herding, pulling sleds and rescue for example. A few in this group include Border Collie, Boxer and German Shepherd to mention a few.



working dogs




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