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Anatolian Shepherd


Anatolian Shepherd




The Anatolian Shepherd Dog is described as the indigenous livestock guardian from the vast regions of Turkey and has been bred for thousands of years to guard flocks travelling on the Anatolian Plateau.  These powerful, large, upstanding dogs are capable of great speed and strength and stamina and its hardy physical constitution reflects that throughout its ancient lineage where they bred to work while withstanding extremes in climate and terrain. Nowadays the Anatolians are widely used in a working capacity to guard sheep, goats, chickens, alpacas and horses. Found in semi-rural and suburban environments in the role of family guardian and companion, these dogs are also renowned for their dedication to their livestock, and unsurpassed loyalty to their human handlers.


The Anatolians are immense in size and possess a strong and willful nature and require a home where owners will give the young Anatolian the obedience and socialization training necessary, for it to be a happy member of the family.



Height:   66-76cm  (26-30in)

Weight:   41-68kg  (90-150lb)

The general appearance of this dog, is that of a tall, rugged and powerful dog; with a dense double coat, broad strong head with pendant shaped ears; well-developed muscular shoulders and hindquarters; a level towline and a long relatively high-set tail that is carried high and curled over the dogs back when alert. The predominant colour is that of a fawn dog with a black mask.

Requiring minimal grooming this dog's coat really only requires a thorough brushing-out during the twice a year shedding season, otherwise for the rest of the year it only requires minimal grooming to keep it looking great.


Life Expectancy

12-15 Years


Health Concerns

They are not plagued by some of the health problems which can affect many other giant breeds and although HD can and does occur, it usually is more often the result of poor diet and over exercising a young growing dog. To ensure a healthy happy dog feed your dog with a good quality dog food.



The Anatolian Shepherd is quite inactive indoors and is not recommended for apartment living and will do best in a large yard. Quite suspicious of strangers, these dogs require a securely fenced yard where they can run free.  Requiring lots of exercise they will need long daily walks to keep them satisfied. 



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Working Dogs: This group  includes more breeds than any other. These dogs were bred to do a variety of work from guarding, herding, pulling sleds and rescue for example. A few in this group include Border Collie, Boxer and Bullmastiff to mention a few.


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