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Utility Dog or Non Sporting group, includes dogs of many different shapes and sizes that perform a variety of tasks. They include the Boston Terrier, Lhasa Apso and French Bulldog to name a few.









Dog Breeds - Akita


A native to the island of Honshu in the region of Akita, Japan, where it is considered their national dog.  Having had many uses such as a guard dog, fighting dog, hunter of deer and bear, sledding and police, army and guard work. Possessing keen hunting abilities they can even hunt in deep snow and their soft mouth makes them suitable for waterfowl retrieval.



This breed is very affectionate towards its family but can sometimes be spontaneous which will require consistent firmness.  This docile, intelligent, courageous and fearless dog is extremely faithful and will thrive on firm leadership from its handlers and should always be supervised with other household pets and children. Even though this breed may tolerate and be good with children from his own family, it may not accept other children and if teased, may bite. With the right type of owner and the correct amount of  daily mental and physical exercise and firm training, they will make a fine pet. Because these dogs tend to get bored quickly, obedience training will require lots of patience.  On the whole the Akita needs to be with its family and will vocalize its needs with many interesting sounds, but is not an excessive barker.



Height:   61-71cm  (24-28in)

Weight:  34-50kg  (75-110lb)

Group: Utility Dogs

This is solid, powerful, well-proportioned and distinctive looking dog.  Standing slightly longer than tall this dog has a broad, deep chest and level back with a well-defined stop and a shallow groove going up the center of the forehead. Their small, erect ears are carried forward and in line with the neck and its small, triangular eyes are dark brown.  Carrying their tail high and curled over the back, their webbed, cat-like feet make them fine swimmers.  Their double coat is composed of a harsh, waterproof outer coat insulated with a thick, soft undercoat with colors compromising of pure white, red, sesame and brindle without clear borders



The Akita sheds heavily twice a year and the coarse, stiff, short-haired coat will require significant grooming with a firm bristle brush.  It is recommended to bath these dogs only when absolutely necessary as bathing will remove the natural waterproofing of the coat.


Life Expectancy

10-12 Years


Health Concerns

Prone to hip dysplasia, thyroid and immune diseases like VKH and Pemphigus, skin problems like SA and eyes (PRA, Micro, entropion) patella and other problems with the knee. 



They will do okay in an apartment if sufficiently exercised as it is moderately active indoors, however will be happiest within a large yard. Requiring moderate but regular exercise to stay in shape, it is recommended that they should be taken for daily long walks.





Hachiko the Movie featuring an Akita staring Richard Gere

is a heartwarming story of the bond between a dog and owner




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