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Akita Rescued and Finds New Home


Akita rescued and finds new home (learn more about this dog breed)
submitted by Carol Sams, MN

I just want to say that no dog should be judged by their breed alone. Two years ago I rescued a horribly abused female Akita. She was tied to a tree and beaten for one year. Her collar was ingrown into her neck. She had never been inside a house and knew no commands. The word "no" terrified her. I could look in her eyes and see pure love even after all she had been through.

I called every dog school around me, nobody would let us into class. Most told me "An abused Akita is a ticking time bomb, have her put down".

I didn't listen. I taught her myself at home. I never said "no" I used a noise instead. She would do anything to please me. I now have THE perfect dog. She has wonderful manners and although she's 110 lbs she is a lap dog.

Please, please, please, do not listen to the "experts". All dogs deserve a chance. They understand that you saved them and they are eternally grateful!

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If you liked Sam's inspiring story above you might also like this movie based on a true story, Hachiko, starring Richard Gere. The movie captures the essence of a dog's faith, devotion and undying love for his owner.



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