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Afghan Hound Breed Information


Hounds: these dogs hunt by sniffing the ground to pick up and then follow a scent, calling and barking all the while.  Dogs of this type include Borzoi, Whippet and Greyhound to mention a few.





Afghan Hound



Dog Breed - Afghan Hound



If you are looking for a dog who will come running at your instant command, the Afghan Hound is not for you.  Bred more than 6,000 years ago to run down gazelles, hares and leopards in the deserts of Afghanistan this dog has great hunting instincts giving it the power to switch off from the world around it to being led astray by whatever has distracted it.



With it's regal air, arrogant presence and independence, be prepared to use all your superhuman skills to train this dog. This dog breed needs to be handled with lots of patience and sensitivity, because if this dog feels you have treated it unjustly, it will stop co-operating and ignore you all together.   Thriving on lots of affection (who doesn't) and displaying clown like antics this dog will go out of it's way to please it's owner.



Height: 25-27 inches (63-68cms)

Weight: between 48-59lbs (22-27kg)

Group: Hound.   

This definitely is no lapdog.  With its long and silky smooth coat featuring unicolours incorporating black, tan and domino, it's striking features are very aristocratic.



Keep the brush and comb handy as the Afghan Hound needs daily detangling to keep it looking at it's regal best otherwise it will end up as a mass of dreadlocks.


Life Expectancy

Their lifespan is around 12-14 years.



The dog possesses excellent sight however is prone to hip dysplasia and cataracts.



Rates fairly high as suitable for city living as long as it gets plenty of daily physical exercise.




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