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(Affe means monkey in German)


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The breed is German in origin. Affenpinschers have a distinct appearance that some associate with terriers.  They are actually part of the pinscher-schnauzer / toy dog group.  The breed was created to be a ratter, working to remove rodents from kitchens, granaries, and stables (at least you will never have any rodents while this little dog is around!).



This little breed get along with other dogs and pets. They are active, adventurous, curious and stubborn, but they are also fun-loving and playful. The breed is confident, lively, affectionate towards family members and is also very protective of them.  This dog breed is mostly quiet but shows no fear toward any aggressor.  This loyal little dog enjoys being with its family. It needs consistent, firm training. The training should be varied because the dog can easily become bored.



Height:  Not exceeding 11 inches (24-30 cm)

Weight: 7 to 9 pounds (3-4 kg)

Group: Toy Dog

This breed has a wiry rough coat and a monkey-like expression. Usually black in color but can also be gray, silver, red and tan, and belge (belge is a mixture of red, black and white hairs).



This breed need to be groomed two to three times a week and shed little hair.


Life Expectancy

A median life span of 11.5 years.


Health Concerns

They are prone to hip dysplasia, collapsed trachea and occasionally cataracts.



Apartment living.  Enjoys playing and walks outside but will get enough exercise indoors.  Suitable for families but not recommended for very young children as they are somewhat territorial when it comes to their toys and food.


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