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to all puppy dogs born under the

Star Sign VIRGO

August 23 to September 23

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Doggy Seat Belts - What a Great Idea!

This content little dog obviously thinks there is nothing better than to be securely strapped into its doggy seat belt and be able to join the rest of the family for a leisurely Sunday drive in the car.



This 2005 Comedy revolves around a sweet and savvy talking Golden Retriever named Bailey.  It all begins when Bailey’s devoted billionairess owner bypasses her nephew in her will and leaves her entire billion-dollar fortune to this doggone lucky pooch.  It is when the disgruntled nephew and his money-hungry wife scheme to dognap Bailey so that they can get their greedy paws on the inheritance that the fun begins.  They devise a wicked plan to gain custody of Bailey, however the nasty dognappers are not prepared for what happens when Bailey shows his great street smart abilities.  The fun really begins when a little girl and her mother who is a canine behaviourist  assisted with  Bailey’s great pals, especially a clever Border Collie named Tessa set out on a hilarious madcap adventure to free their four-legged friend from the clutches of his greedy dognappers.


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The Maltese is probably one of the world’s oldest dog breeds and its origins stem from the ancient Melita breed from Malta.  It was seen to be a favourite of the upper classes in ancient Rome, Greece and steady companions in the time of Elizabeth I of well-born English ladies.  Today it is seen to be a particularly popular dog in Japan.




The easy going personality of the Maltese makes it a highly suitable companion for the first-time dog owner because it is easily trainable and not at all destructive. Because of it’s compact size it is quite happy with a small yard or city living as long as it gets regular walks.

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Did You Know?

Have you ever wondered why dogs turn around in circles before they lay down?  This behaviour goes back to the dogs wild ancestors.  When these dogs prepared to go to sleep they looked around for a grassy spot and after choosing a place the dog would walk around in circles to trample down the long grass, thus creating a soft, comfortable bed.


Question & Answer

Do you think a Labrador is a good dog to have around a 2 year old baby?

I would recommend getting a puppy because I think it would be great for it grow up together with your baby and here are some the reasons why. Labradors are their happiest when they are with you. They are loving, people oriented dogs and will constantly be bringing you things they have found lying about the house or yard. They are wonderfully patient with children and make a great addition to any family. Not known for their guard dog qualities they may bark quite protectively but will generally not act more aggressively than that. They take many things in their stride, are very stable, not getting upset by strange things or occurrences and would more than likely lick someone to death than hurt them. As indicated by their use as guide dogs, drug and bomb detector dogs their superior stability of temperament and trainability makes them one of the most popular choices for a family pet, however as with any breed of dog, they still should be supervised when around very small children.

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Quote of the Month

Have you ever considered what your dog must think of you? I mean, you come home from the grocery store with the most amazing stuff, pork, chicken, half a cow. They must think you're the greatest hunter on earth!


Joke of the Month

"Beware of the Dog"

When going into a small country store, a stranger saw a very large sign which said DANGER! BEWARE OF THE DOG! Upon looking around he saw a harmless old hound dog sound asleep on the floor beside the counter.  Curiously while scratching his head he asked the store manager.  "Is that the dog we are supposed to beware of?"  "Sure is, that's him" he relied.  With a grin on his face the amused stranger remarked, "Well that certainly doesn't look like a very dangerous dog to me, why in the world would you want to put that sign up?"  The owner responded "Because, before that sign was there, people kept tripping over him!"


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