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Dog Powered Scooter

dog powered scooters
Dog Powered Scooter


We were looking for a way to safely exercise our dog, Jasper, who is a bundle of energy. For fun one day I rode my bike with Jasper on the lead and found he powered ahead and was pulling me. I was just a little fearful that he would run into the path of the bike so looked for something that was safer.

We found the perfect solution. We did check with our vet, who thinks it's a great idea, before we bought the scooter. It is very stable and easy to ride. We found Jasper didn't need any training to use the device, although some dogs might need to get accustomed to the system. It only takes seconds to clip Jasper into or out of the rigging. Jasper just wanted to go and go he did! If you are wondering, we have control of whether we go left, right or straight and yes it does have brakes.

While out on our daily run of approximately 3 or 4 miles we get stares from people we pass and sometimes we stop to have a chat. If someone is skeptical we let them have a go themselves. Luckily Jasper is a very social dog and loves the attention.

This would have to best one of the best devices for safely exercising your dog. It works really well for  suburbia along bike paths.


dog powered trike
Photos courtesy of  Mark Schuette

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